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I’m Brad Paley; I’ve spent three decades disrupting industries and engaging people more deeply by fitting technology to the way human minds actually operate, and I’d like to share how I did it.

My approach had enough impact that the Columbia University Department of Computer Science appointed me as a professor to teach a graduate seminar—on my own methodology. I applied it to cut NYSE floor broker “refill” operations from fifteen seconds to less than one; I optimize decision-making by showing fifty times more data when executives ask me to dumb it down—and they find it easier to digest. The early-stage cognitive mechanisms that make this possible also make it general: my students have applied it to over a hundred domains of practice and it engaged better in every one.

I’m honored to have been featured in the journal Nature and multiple times in the NY Times, MoMA, and the Whitney’s permanent collection; to be a NYFA Fellow; to have given dozens of invited talks including the keynote/plenary at all six international InfoVis symposia. And I synthesize/surpass it all in my ultra-collaborative take on Cognitive Engineering. We can transfer this technology—this pre-front-end technology of fitting the mind itself—to you and your team.

Click here to set up a quick introductory call. We can talk about ways you and I have each addressed complexity/optimization issues—and see if there’s an opportunity to innovate together!

Visit Development to see how I’ve worked with previous co-designers; or Consulting, Research, and Education for details about the results.


Perry Metviner MD, Merrill Lynch Equities Trading Development
“Brad’s seminar left my development team inspired and motivated; it saved us uncountable development hours—and reduced business-side frustration. Later, at Barclays, I flew him out to New York, London, and Singapore to teach his full class.”

Ludmil Pandeff Founder/Investor Astea Solutions, Haemimont AD, Axa Solutions
“Fantastic talk; we were impressed, riveted and couldn’t take our eyes off the presentation. Brad is not only motivating, but the concepts are groundbreaking.”

Mark D. H. Heslop Silicon Valley Product Executive, Advisor
“I had no idea how constrained our UI/UX approach was until I met Brad. His approach not only liberated our team but the results had an immediate impact on customer satisfaction and revenues.”

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There is a more effective way to develop interfaces. We can fit them directly to how we think: to the “input protocol of the human mind.”

UX guidelines are convenient, but they block optimal engagement; this class details the problems—and how to fix them. Results like 95% time reductions or a dozen times the information density—with more comfort and lower risk—are not unusual.

The Cognitive Engineering Design Methodology (CEDM), was developed over three decades of research applied to real-world tasks; honed in two decades as a Columbia University Computer Engineering graduate seminar.

It’s now available as a compressed, “deep introduction” lecture (detailing both CEDM philosophy and practice). Techniques behind the work at and are revealed—and taught. I host each session live, take questions, and dive as deeply as you like into the concepts, delivered applications–or even your own current projects.


Pre-recorded videos, edited for concision and clarity, introduced live and followed by live discussions

One Day
The entire 90-minute talk in two sessions, each session followed by an hour-long Q&A

Three Days
The 90-minute talk in eight sessions, each followed by a non-time-limited class, directed by audience need