Cognitive Engineering works at the engagement level, too. We’ve created three general structures to fit past client needs, and we customize from there.

Were not a “body shop,” infiltrating your organization to lock in as many income streams as we can. Well invent your future with you, let you run it, then be there if and when you need us.

We can do cognitive engineering and no development at all—but still be involved with your development team, internal or external. Whether we do Cognitive Engineering with your graphic designer, or both Cognitive Engineering and design, suggesting implementation strategies is part of the deliverable (we’ve been doing computer graphics for almost 50 years). And we can tweak the design with you to fit unexpected technology or resource constraints. This ensures the final product still engages properly with the audience’s mind.

We can do everything, taking in your highest-level napkin sketches and verbal goals and delivering a turnkey system: app, server, technology/commerce model and all.

Or do the comparative-advantage hybrid that’s been ideal for many clients: we do the front end we’re good at and you concentrate on your core value-add.

We architect the client-facing part of your system and code any sophisticated domain-specific components needed by the design. (Absurd for your team to become graphics experts when they’re already good at what you do. We’re already running honed multi-developer build systems. And we apply decades of experience—pulling from our proven extensive code base. Licenses and source code included.)

Then we implement one or more final, higher-level screens with those widgets; perhaps a complicated one because that’s efficient and a simple one to show how it’s done.

We do a “living technology transfer” when we hand off the ideas and code to your team: building the next few parts alongside them. This transfers both code and best practices, operationally integrating both into your team’s flow—far more effective than just dumping a library on them. They hit the ground running.

You take it forward; we’re around when you need us.