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We invent information products—or improve yours.

We make the value of your data or service obvious, needed.

We do it by applying a rigorous, behavior-optimizing kind of interface design: our own fundamentally better process.

Clients report little or no training costs or support costs, quicker learning, more comfortable adoption, lower risk, and easier insights; better customer satisfaction—even more fun.

Our offerings include product design, education & certification, research, and development.

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Brad Paley looks at the world differently, and provides a perspective in design that is innovative and intuitive for users.

He’s able to combine his unusual perspective with years of proven successful design and implementation to deliver transformational change with the mastery of a minimalist.

Lou Pastina,
Executive Vice President
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When we launched BIDS Trading we were struggling with user acceptance. We were at risk of failing. Our conventional UI, unfit for a new trading metaphor, was the problem.

I found Brad, saw his portfolio, and was astonished. To understand his methods we had him teach his class. It changed how we saw the problem, and the new direction resulted in BIDS winning broad acceptance in the industry.

Paul Hanson, a BIDS founder
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I worked with Brad at Goldman and thought his jet-cockpit-like ergonomic approach was normal—until I tried to find a team in London to do the same. We couldn’t find a fraction of the background, insight, or capabilities. Brad also gave a seminar in the didi design methodology that left my development team inspired and motivated.

Perry Metviner, MD,
Equities Trading Development

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Evolution gave us a powerful
Cognitive Input Protocol

Understand it.  Build tools that use it.


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Applying Cognitive Engineering to things our clients couldn’t fund is what let us invent this future

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